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What Can this Do for Your WordPress Website?

The Akismet plugin is highly useful for dealing with comment spam on your WordPress website.  Not long after you create your WordPress site, you’ll start getting all kinds of spam comments—trying to link to your website.  The Akismet plugin does a very good job in filtering out these unwanted spam comments.  While it doesn’t get every single one, I am very pleased with the job it does.


This plugin is normally installed with WordPress, so you just have to activate it and get your registration key.

Pros and Cons:


  • Easy Installation
  • Free Version Available
  • Blocks Most Spam Comments


  • Doesn’t Eliminate All Spam
  • Key Required for Plugin Registration

Customer Support:


Conclusion and Recommendation:

Akismet should be installed on any WordPress website that gets a decent amount of traffic.  While is isn’t perfect in blocking out all comment spam, it does a very credible job in capturing a great amount of unwanted junk comments. And that’s a good thing!


5 out of 5 Stars

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