InMotion Hosting Review

Is InMotion Hosting any good?  I’ve been using InMotion Hosting for over 10 years now so I think I’m qualified to give an informed opinion.  Here in my InMotion Hosting Review, I’ll go over what my experiences have been, the pros and cons of InMotion, and why you might want to consider InMotion for your WordPress hosting.

InMotion Hosting Plans:  What Do You Get?

InMotion offers 4 different Business Hosting plans that you can choose from:

The Lite Plan is perfect for beginners needing hosting for a single site.

The Launch Plan lets you host 2 websites and gives you 3x the performance and speed.

The Power Plan is great for entrepreneurs and internet marketers that need to create multiple websites (up to 50).  You also get 4x the performance and speed.

And, the top-level Pro Plan provides an impressive 6x performance and speed and lets you host up to 100 websites.

Advantages of Choosing InMotion Hosting

InMotion has been a top-rated web hosting company for many years.  For me, here are the primary reasons why I choose InMotion Hosting.

First, I really like InMotion’s user interfaces (see separate section below).  Website speed and performance is also excellent with InMotion’s Max Speed Zone Technology.  And of course, customer support is one of the most important parts of your web hosting.  InMotion continues to offer great support via phone, email, and live chat.

I also appreciate how InMotion Hosting simplifies the WordPress website building process by installing WordPress for you and including their BoldGrid WordPress site builder.

And, keep in mind that InMotion offers a full 90 day money back guarantee—one of the best in the business!

InMotion Hosting Pros:

  • Easy to Use Control Panel Interfaces
  • Max Speed Zone Technology
  • Pre-Installation of WordPress
  • Includes BoldGrid Website Builder
  • Fast Responsive Customer Support
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

InMotion Hosting Cons:

  • Backup Manager Requires Addon Purchase

Those are the pros for choosing InMotion.  Are there any cons?  I would say only one minor one at this time.  InMotion used to offer free data backup with all of their hosting plans.  However, they now offer their Backup Manager for an additional fee.  You don’t actually need the Backup Manager as you could run your own manual backups.  However, the Backup Manager make things a lot easier.

Personally, I’ve opted to get the Backup Manager.  It really doesn’t cost that much—only $2 mo.  And, I like that you not only get automated backups, but you can easily restore your data when needed.  The InMotion Backup Manager has been more reliable than other free data backup features that I’ve had with other web hosts.

InMotion cPanel Hosting and Account Management Interface

InMotion Hosting AMP

InMotion Hosting’s account management panel (or AMP as it’s called) is a graphical based interface that is super easy to use and lets you quickly access all of your account functions such as billing, data backup services, SSL installation, and your cPanel.

InMotion is definitely one of the best cPanel hosting options available.  With cPanel, you get easy access to all of your website applications, email accounts, analytics reports, and all of your other website functionality.  What I also like about InMotion’s cPanel is that they include a direct link to customer support in the top section so you can easily contact them if needed.

Website Speed and Performance with InMotion Hosting

In addition to speed and performance optimized servers, InMotion Hosting includes their proprietary Max Speed Zone Technology.  What that means is that when you’re within a Max Speed Zone, you can get even faster website performance.  And with InMotion, you can select your data center (either on the West or East coast of the U.S.).

I’ve also been fortunate to be allowed to visit the InMotion data center in Los Angeles, so I’ve seen first-hand the top-quality hardware for their customers.

Here are some speed test results for InMotion Hosting:

InMotion Hosting Customer Support

From Day 1, I’ve received outstanding customer support from InMotion.  Their live chat support is especially good.  Response times are among the best that I’ve experienced.  And, the InMotion Support Team is always courteous and ready to help me out with my questions.

I recently contacted the support team via live chat to assist me with my FTP connection.  Not only was Katy the support agent able to fully assist me, but I even received a follow up email to make sure everything was fine:

Alternatives to Choosing InMotion Hosting

While InMotion Hosting is my top choice for most WordPress websites, there may be some situations where another host may be a better fit.  First, if you’re looking for premium managed WordPress hosting for mission-critical websites, then I would suggest you check out WP Engine.  WP Engine continues to be the industry standard when it comes to managed WordPress hosting.

Also, if you’re looking for the best green web hosting solution, then I would recommend taking a look at GreenGeeks.  Utilizing 300% renewable energy, GreenGeeks is also a global sponsor of WordCamp WordPress community conferences across the globe.

Conclusion and Recommendation

As an InMotion Hosting customer for over a decade now, I continue to be absolutely and completed satisfied with their hosting services.  The performance of all of my websites is still excellent.  Over the years, InMotion has continued to make improvements to their hosting plans, including solid state drives, pre-installation of WordPress, and the inclusion of their BoldGrid WordPress website builder.

I would definitely recommend InMotion Hosting for home-based business owners using WordPress for their websites. 

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