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Looking to Better Times in 2021

So, if you’re like me, 2020 really sucked in a lot of ways!  A lot of people are hurting because they’ve lost their jobs or have had their working hours greatly reduced.  However, I’m always looking to turn a negative into a positive.  That’s why this year I’m looking to boost my income with my website and online business.

The good news is, if you have a computer and some spare time (most of us do these days), anyone can set up a revenue generating website.  In this article, I wanted to share with you the strategy that I’m using along with some tips you can use if you want to set up your own website.

Select the Right Niche

Selecting the right or wrong niche can definitely make or break you.  While there are a ton of money-making niches you can target, you need to consider factors such as your interests and expertise, the target audience for specific niches, and how much competition there is for the niche you’re considering.

Start by considering the basic evergreen niches of Health, Wealth, and Relationships, and then focus in on a subcategory within that niche.

Do Your Research

Along with researching for your niche, you also need to put in the time researching the keywords that you’re going to target both with your website content and with your online advertising.  The basic rule of thumb is that you want to target high volume yet low competition keywords in your niche.

Fortunately, there are some great free and paid tools you can use to find the right keywords that can lead to more online profits. 

Create Your Website

Yes, you can make money online through YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets.  But having your own website gives you more freedom and control to conduct your online business the way you want to.  I recommend you use WordPress to create your website. 

There are other articles I’ve written on this site that you can check out for your WordPress hosting.  I would also recommend choosing a quality WordPress theme for your website, and again I encourage you to check out some of my recommendations on my website here.  For additional tips, see the next section.

Create the Right Kind of Content for Your Audience

You definitely want to consistently add helpful content to your website.  However, there are certain types of content that you absolutely want to include on your site.  First off, you can divide your content into two different categories:  General articles that provide broader-level information on your niche; and articles containing specific recommendations that are targeted at those people ready to buy.  This second category includes articles such as reviews, comparisons, and “best of” lists.  The key to remember is to include both types of content on your website because you don’t want to miss out on potential buyers at different stages in the buying process. 

Build Your Marketing List

To consistently make money online, you need repeat customers.  And, the best way to get people to buy from you again, is to build and keep a relationship with them through your email list.  I agree with the experts that recommend that you start collecting email addresses as soon as you build your website.

I recommend that you start building your email list right away by utilizing a free service such as AWeber.

Promote Your Website

Creating your website and content is one thing.  But to really be effective, you need to promote your website correctly—whether you use paid or organic traffic.  Most people are aware of social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TicTok, etc.  But the key is to remember that each of these social media outlets have different audiences and you need to adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

To get started here, I’ll just mention a couple of points to keep in mind.  For Facebook, it’s better to create a separate page or group to do your marketing.  Your personal profile should mainly feature posts about your personal interests.  For your YouTube videos, make your thumbnail photos stand out so they grab someone’s attention, but leave most of the text on your video description (where you can also include links to your website content).

Use Digital Marketing Tools

One of the great things about making money online is that there are a ton of great digital marketing tools you can use to make your job easier.  Again, don’t fall into the trap of thinking there is a magic pill.  You’re still going to have to do some work.  However, using tools such as email autoresponders, SEO tools, sales funnel software, and other online services can greatly speed up and reduce the amount of time you need to spend on your digital marketing.

Continue to Generate Helpful Content

As I mentioned earlier, consistency is one of the keys to online success.  Use an editorial plugin for your WordPress site and try to create a consistent schedule of publishing your content—whether that’s once a week, twice a week, daily, etc.

Continue to Promote Offers to Your List Members

Make sure you utilize your email marketing list to make more sales conversions.  What’s great about email marketing is that you can set up your email sequence or sales funnel ahead of time and then run it on autopilot. 

Conclusion and How to Speed Up the Process!

Yes, it is definitely possible to generate income online.  However, you can’t think of it as a get rich quick scheme.  It does take some time and work to build up your authority along with your audience or customer base.  While there are no guarantees, implementing these tips when building your website and working on your digital marketing has proven to be successful for many online entrepreneurs. 

Now, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed here.  Yes, it does take some effort to get things setup and running.  However, I wanted to give you one more tip on how to speed up the process of getting your website up and hopefully generating revenue for you.  

I recently signed up for a free online training session by Authority Hacker.  I highly recommend it.  These guys really know what they’re talking about and teaching!  There is absolutely no obligation on your part, and you get a clear strategy roadmap you can use as you create your own website.  This free training will really help you get started faster and will provide you with some valuable tips on creating an authority website that can generate income for you.  Here is the link to the free training.

Now is the perfect time to get a new start and turn things around.  Here’s to better times in 2021!

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