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Why WordPress is Better than Wix for Home Businesses

Should you choose WordPress or Wix for your business website?  My answer is a definite and resounding:  WordPress!  And in this article, I’ll go over why WordPress is better than Wix for home businesses.

These days, a lot of people want a website, and they want it quickly.  That’s why website companies like Wix have been growing lately.  However, as I and a lot of other Wix customers can tell you, there are definite issues that make Wix not the ideal choice for websites.  On the other hand, you might be surprised at how easy and quick you can create a WordPress website.  WordPress is after all the most popular website platform.  So, let’s take a detailed look at why WordPress is the better choice over Wix.

WordPress Gives You More Control

With Wix, you need to choose a specific plan for each type of website you want to create (blog, business website, Ecommerce store, etc.).  Your cost will also vary greatly depending on your choice.

With WordPress, you can choose to create any type of website you want—usually for the same cost.  While there may be some variation in price if you want to add say more security features for an online store, the difference isn’t going to be as great as with Wix.

Most importantly, with WordPress you can change your web hosting, theme designer, security features, etc., much more easily than with Wix.  In fact, most of the time, if you’re not satisfied with Wix, you’re stuck.  For example, you can’t move your website to another location. 

WordPress Gives You More Flexibility

Along with more control, you also get way more flexibility with WordPress.  While Wix has many templates you can choose from, with WordPress you have an almost unlimited supply of website themes from many different sources.

Also, with WordPress you can easily extend your website functionality by adding one of the many plugins available in the WordPress.org repository.  Plugins can add additional features to your website as well as improve your site’s performance.

WordPress Moves at the Speed of Technology

Continuing with our themes of control and flexibility, one of the biggest benefits of WordPress is that it is opensource software.  For that reason, WordPress moves at the speed of technology.  Meaning, you can take advantage of new technology features much faster than you can with something like Wix—which is tied to their own engineering department.

Think about it.  With opensource software like WordPress, you’ve got tons of developers working on innovative improvements you can take advantage of much sooner.  You don’t have to worry about getting stuck with outdated software.

WordPress Costs Less Money

I mentioned pricing earlier, however it’s worth taking a closer look at how much more economical WordPress is compared to Wix. 

With WordPress, you can get hosting for a little as $5 mo. or less.  Many themes and plugins are free to use, so you don’t pay anything extra.  If you want to create an Ecommerce website, you can install WooCommerce for free.  Even if you need managed WordPress hosting, you can pick it up for as little as $6.99 mo.

Contrast the above pricing to that of Wix where you’ll need to pay anywhere from $14 mo. all the way up to $49 mo. depending on which website plan you need.

WordPress Has More Resources

And because WordPress is easily the most popular platform on the web, you won’t have trouble finding assistance when you’re building and running your website.  If you need a new website theme, you can find thousands (both free and premium) available online.  Need help or have a question about WordPress?  There are tons of WordPress helps sites you can find just by doing a search on Google.

Again, because WordPress is opensource, you have a bunch of companies selling WordPress products and services to make your website function even better.

Conclusion:  WordPress is Better

While you might think Wix is the easier solution for your home business website, in the long run, you could find there are definitely more headaches with Wix and that WordPress is a much better choice—that’s certainly my feeling. 

With WordPress being much easier to use these days, together with the benefits I mentioned above, WordPress is the way to go when you’re creating a website for your home business.

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